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Anuvansha Counselling Private Limited is a leading Genetic Counselling service provider in India led by Certified Genetic Counsellors who are passionate about providing personalized and confidential services to our clients.
Anuvansha Counselling Private Limited under the brand name, GeneCops™ offers Genetic Counselling Services renders services both at the individual and organizational levels to provide quality services and cater to the increasing demand for skilled & experienced Genetic Counsellors.
We also offer Genetic Counselling Training Services under the brand name, GeneCodEd™ designed to equip next-gen Genetic Counsellors with the skills and knowledge required to become successful professionals under the supervision of our experienced Certified Counsellors.


Anuvansha for “Inclusivity” hence our slogan, “Be Different, Not Differentiated”. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and counsel you with personalized care based on your needs. We believe in providing counselling over testing to maintain your mental and emotional health with the other aspects.

The problem she discovered

Yachana found that the biggest issue lies in the lack of awareness of what are exactly these Genetic Conditions, people’s understanding of them and how proper counselling with guidance can help a patient towards a better life.

Orienting our ideology and work ethics towards the care of a patient is what we felt is important rather than keeping them in dark. Yes, there are many uncertainties towards what could be the result and how it may govern their life from that point onwards. Many genetic conditions are incurable and guiding patients to live a better life is what is needed in society. Lack of education is not the issue; lack of educating is the problem.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to democratize and de-market Genetic Counselling services pan India.

Our Story

How it all started

During Yachana’s education, internship, training and other phases she witnessed many cases personally where the patients and their families on discovering a genetic condition were plagued by a sense of uncertainty, unawareness and incurability, ultimately leading to psycho-social problems. Patients would go beyond their overall bandwidths just to find some understanding and acceptance of the genetic conditions that they were facing and continued to do so. Even it was observed that despite going through several testing and treatments it was hard for patients to gain stability in their physical and mental, emotional health.
This led to the core foundation of Anuvansha Counselling, where we believe in providing counselling sessions as our first step to empower people with awareness and help them gain knowledge on the condition that they face and what could be the possible treatments and management for the same.

What is the solution to the problem

By breaking through the dark clouds created by unawareness, uncertainty and incurability which leads to psycho-social problems by providing them with proper counselling sessions and awareness to ensure that all patients take properly informed decisions by themselves we can improve and redefine Genetic Counselling as a whole.

Supporting patients to become aware of their situation, and providing them with the knowledge and understanding towards their doubts and “what ifs” are the most effective solution. This is helping them to take much better choices and decisions towards their treatments and a happier lifestyle.

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Our Directors

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Yachana Chakravarty


Why choose us

Why Choose

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Awesome Services

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Our Services

We provide service to Individuals who have, or may be at risk of, a genetic condition.
Whether you are considering genetic testing, have a family history of a genetic condition, or are living with a genetic condition, we are here to support you and
provide you with the resources and guidance you need.
Availability of both Tele-genetic counselling (Online mode through web video calls), and in-person Counselling at our Clinics.

Some of our satisfied customers

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How did she plan to achieve the goal and is applying the solution

Over the upcoming years, Anuvansha Genetic Counselling would work towards a single vision to be accessible to people’s fingertips. We are trying our best to provide knowledge to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where knowledge is hard to reach.

We have started with a free counselling session to ensure people are not afraid of the heft payments or insecurity to reach out to us for help. We stand at the borderline to make a dent towards the new and improved Genetic Counselling for all.

Why Tier-2 and Tier 3 Cities and Education?

With a team of highly trained genetic counsellors, our focus cities are Tier 2 and Tier 3 due to the lack of knowledge and reachability. We are providing high-quality services with a special emphasis on the importance of counselling over genetic testing. We believe that counselling is an essential component of genetic healthcare hence providing education about Genetic Counselling is our major goal.

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