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"The experience was helpful. The most difficult thought is that the genetic condition was preventable with a simple blood or saliva test and if I had known to ask for it, I would have. The counsellor patiently explained everything in detail. After the counselling I got a better understanding of what the genetic test results meant for me and my family."

Aakash Saraf

“Counselor was veritably knowledgeable and compassionate to our situation. We were guided in the correct direction to make an educated decision grounded on our requirements. I have never done genetic testing before but it was veritably helpful to know and understand what traits and diseases I carry. I really want to thank my counselor for informing me and answering all my questions. She was excellent and gave me great information about the process as well as good suggestions for the future that I hadn't indeed allowed for yet. I really enjoyed talking to her.”

Priyam Agrawal

“After receiving the results of my DNA test, I became really concerned. Because I didn't know what genetic counselling entailed, I wasn't sure how it would be beneficial, but after the session, my perspective was altered. The counsellor went through my personal and family history in great detail, explained genetics, talked about the test results and what they meant for me and my family, and helped me comprehend everything in a very straightforward manner. I significantly relaxed after the session.”

Sarthak Saxena

"Genes and DNA were complicated words for me before the counselling. The simple and easy explanation by the genetic counsellor really helped me gain clarity. Now I know my way through my health concerns."

Rohini Singh

“As young professional couples, having a healthy child is one of the most important things to us. We were surprised to find out that we both carry genetic mutations we were not aware of. It was great to find out more about our genetic makeup and can now look forward to starting a family”

Soham Banerjee

“The counselling session was really informative and in-depth. The genetic counsellor explained to me what next measures I needed to take as well as the reasoning for them. Nobody had actually spent the time explaining these concepts in depth before. The counsellor also provided a summary letter that included all of the details of our in-depth conversation. It was quite insightful”

Rakhi Sinha

“I believe we should have the opportunity to understand whether we are at a high risk of having a child with an incurable medical condition, given the very significant emotional, physical and financial implications. The peace of mind that genetic testing and counselling provides is priceless. Thank you for offering such a great service to the community. Your genetic counsellor was friendly, caring and very informative in this sensitive area.”

Suraj Mishra

“The genetic counselling session was in-depth and very useful. Before deciding on our next pregnancy, our doctor had urged that we seek genetic counselling. The counsellor was very understanding and patient. She listened to our worries and went over all of our choices, providing us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision for our family’s future.”

Hetal Shah

"The chat felt entirely natural. It was simple yet thorough. I had all of my questions answered, and I learned important things about my health. It turned out to be less complicated than I had anticipated."

Krishna Thakur

"The counsellor was friendly, attentive, and took the time to explain complex facts in a clear manner. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness given to the session."

Amrita Kapoor

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